A Timeless Classic: French Porcelain Dinnerware

French Porcelain Laure Selignac

French Porcelain Dinnerware is Timeless Classic

Limoges hand-painted with gold relief - Laure Selignac Porcelain dinnerware exclusively from Laure Selignac

The Empire Collection from Laure Selignac is an excellent choice for couples who wantwedding china which is both modern and classic. It is slightly understated and not overly feminine making for luxurious table setting at Christmas or other large family meals.  Imagine yourself, your family at a table with this fine china from Limoges, France. In addition, Laure Selignac offers a diverse range of home accessories and decorative items, such as the very collectible porcelain eggs from the Empire collection.

The Empire Collection is uniquely French through and through. The Empire Collection is steeped in history as every piece is adorned with the noble symbol of a “gold bee.”
Symbol of immortality and industriousness, the bee is associated with the origins of France’s nobility. In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte chose the bee over the fleur-de-lys to represent his reign…

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DIY Decor: Braziliant Decoupage Banana Leaf Chair

Great idea and it turned out so well.


Once upon a time, I came home and there was a huge box at my door. I didn’t know what it was, because I hadn’t ordered anything, so I was kind of freaked out that a giant clown person was going to pop out and scare guts out of me. I cautiously checked the label and hauled the big lug inside. Inside was a white molded plastic chair from INMOD. They sent it to in hopes that I could put my own spin on it and maybe dress it up a bit to make it my own personal style. Challenge accepted.

White molded chair from INMODI paced back and forth in front of the chair thinking. Then I turned my back toward it and glanced over my shoulder suddenly to see if I would see “it”. Then I talked to it, asking it to speak to me. I’M BEING SO DRAMATIC. I didn’t actually…

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The art of Sashiko

Very interesting technique.

O n a g o n o

Sashiko is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery) from Japan. Traditionally used to reinforce points of wear, or to repair worn places or tears with patches.


This jacket is one good example of Sashiko technique that I found online. It’s apparently a fisherman’s winter jacket from late 1800 to early 1900. You can see that this indigo-dyed jacket was mended again and again. I love it because more you see it, more you can find different details and effects that were applied to it.

Have a look at the scrapbook on Onagono’s pinterest page to see more examples of Sashiko.

Since there were 2 pairs of Jimmy’s well worn jeans that have holes on the knees, it was a perfect opportunity for me to experiment the Sashiko technique on them.



I learned how to do it by watching this youtube video. It’s in Japanese but you…

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Cuban sandwich – on a stick

Quick and Easy. My kind of appetizer.

The house by the sea foodwaves

If you read my post about Cuban Sandwich I posted the other day you should know all about Cuban Sandwich.  I love this combo of ham, cheese and dill pickles.  The other day I had smoked ham from Christmas,  I had good cheese and I had dill pickles.  I had tooth picks.

I cut the ham, pickles and cheese in little bites and put it on the tooth picks, It looked like this.  A great snack for a cocktail party.


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In pictures: Hundreds of migrants leave Hungary on foot

More than 160,000 refugees have entered Hungary. But many have grown frustrated after being stuck at two train stations in the country and have set off on foot for Austria.

Source: In pictures: Hundreds of migrants leave Hungary on foot

The plight of the Syrian Refugees has not gone unnoticed in the world. They do need to be processed and I feel for Hungary. They may be over whelmed with the influx of so many people and not have in place a way to process so many.  I don’t think that the Syrians should just walk all over Europe and bully the EU in to not following their immigration procedures.  They are refugees after all and the countries they land in are their hosts.

Also, notice there are no women in these shots. So the men are going on ahead and will send for the women and children?


What a great purse. Love it! I am thinking this project could also be done with Ultra Suede material. Still would be soft and would look great. Of course you would line the purse.

Weekend designer

Suede is a natural Aniline leather that has been surface brushed or buffed on the grain side of the leather creating a nap and leaving a texture similar to velvet (softest of all leathers to the touch). Usually suede has a natural finish, but may have a light protective coat and a transparent leather dye for colour. This process increases the leathers surface exposure making it extremely absorbent. Water drops will darken the leather but it returns to its original colour after drying.

Irresistible in butter-soft suede is this chic Italian bag from Sundance. It deftly adapts to bulky or bitty loads with ease. Zen-like styling (no zips, pockets or snaps) make this easy and versatile carryall for virtually everything.

You will need:

  • 1 –  4 oz. [1/16″ thick] Suede split hide, 16 square ft.
  • 1 spool of cotton or nylon thread
  • 1 leather machine needle
  • Kraft paper

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