A Timeless Classic: French Porcelain Dinnerware

French Porcelain Laure Selignac

French Porcelain Dinnerware is Timeless Classic

Limoges hand-painted with gold relief - Laure Selignac Porcelain dinnerware exclusively from Laure Selignac

The Empire Collection from Laure Selignac is an excellent choice for couples who wantwedding china which is both modern and classic. It is slightly understated and not overly feminine making for luxurious table setting at Christmas or other large family meals.  Imagine yourself, your family at a table with this fine china from Limoges, France. In addition, Laure Selignac offers a diverse range of home accessories and decorative items, such as the very collectible porcelain eggs from the Empire collection.

The Empire Collection is uniquely French through and through. The Empire Collection is steeped in history as every piece is adorned with the noble symbol of a “gold bee.”
Symbol of immortality and industriousness, the bee is associated with the origins of France’s nobility. In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte chose the bee over the fleur-de-lys to represent his reign…

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