Secret Garden

Moving can be a chore but this new place is amazing. Not so much the house but the garden. I love watching what will come up and bloom next. So I’m calling this piece the secret garden.

When I arrived the rhododendron was in full bloom.


It was wonderful to step outside to take a break and gaze on this beauty. Alas all her blooming is over for this year.

Next was the garden at the side and the front of the house.

Purple Hydrangea, Lily and Yucca Plant


Even the weeds look amazing. They are probably not weeds but have tiny flowers.


The best part is the other side of the yard. This is a special place. Huge cedar trees hundreds of years old stand on the property beside a creek. Open the gate and you enter into another world. We live on a busy street so it’s like this amazing calming yard.


There is a little get away down at the bottom of the steps beside the creek. We are really enjoying this area.


Hidden way in the back of the yard behind the cedars and the creek is this beauty.

Mountain Ash

Word to the wise. If you are going to plant ground cover don’t plant ivy around trees. Ivy can kill trees that they climb. They can weaken them as their roots burrow into their trunks and sap the life out of them.


Cedar wrapped in Ivy


On a final note. You never know what you will find in a garden that keeps it’s secrets till spring.

Here are some Hostas in bloom.




Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting.



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