Virtual Property

ImageRule of thumb, don’t buy any virtual properties. You don’t really own it. It belongs to the game or the website you purchased it from. The game or website have power over the object, perk, gear, pet, picture, mount. The virtual object can be changed how it appears or taken away altogether by the web site or original owner. These are ruses to get you to spend money. You are not getting good value. The courts are trying to set up laws regarding virtual property.

Definition of VIRTUAL

1: being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted <a virtual dictator>
2: of, relating to, or using virtual memory
3: of, relating to, or being a hypothetical particle whose existence is inferred from indirect evidence <virtual photons> — compare real 3
4: being on or simulated on a computer or computer network <print or virtual books> <a virtual keyboard>: as
a : occurring or existing primarily online <a virtual library> <virtual shopping>
b : of, relating to, or existing within a virtual reality <a virtual world> <a virtual tour>

Scary Stuff – Technology and Me

IMG_0095It started in the 1950’s with learning to use the sewing machine and graduated to the computer in 2000. Humm, that’s a span of 50 years.  In between there was the comptometer (a type of adding machine), manual typewriter, old copy machines that required to manually turn the crank. Remember those old DOS computers?  Electronic calculator >  They’ve gone digital!

Then there were software programs. Software programs that could do all sorts of things like:

  • Adding
  • Subtracting
  • Highlighting
  • Calculating
  • Spell checking
  • Inserting
  • Word processing
  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Complex calculations
  • Translation

Communication: type a letter, send an email, leave a voice message, play telephone tag, have a meeting by Skype, or just meet face to face.  Postmen are only used to deliver junk mail now.

Phones too have undergone a transformation.  They now fit in your pocket. The office can contact you anywhere they want.  You’re scared to take a bio in case the phone rings while you’re in there.  The new multi-line phone system (I think these really are going to be obsolete) that has all the lines flashing at once.  Voice Mail is a wonderful invention and Email is even better.  Automated answering systems seem to be the norm for large companies.  What a waste of time they are.  Mind you they have managed to sort some of them out.  Nothing worse than being in an automated message loop that goes no where.

What’s really, really scary, you can now see the other person you are talking to.  Talk about the future slapping you in the face.  This was only a cartoon when I was a kid.  If we can imagine it, we can create it.



Comptometer and Gestetner Copy Machine

Be Wardrobe Savy – 7 Helpful Strategies


At least one of these strategies will dramatically change the way you feel about getting dressed in the morning.

1. Dress by Color.

Every day for a week, make sure that your ensemble includes an item of a certain color: week one is red, two is orange, three is yellow, and so on. This will encourage you to search through your closet and actually wear the pieces that have been languishing, unloved, underneath your go-to items.

2. Rotate Your Closet

Instead of wearing the same small percentage of your closet every week another approach by organizing items by type (dresses with dresses, slacks with slacks) is to hang each item inside-out after you wear it if it doesn’t need to be washed. This way, you can easily see which clothing items you’ve recently worn, and which items you may have forgotten about.

3. Take Notes

Keeping a journal of what you wear each day, and how it makes you feel will help you identify which shapes, fabrics, and styles work best for your body, and lifestyle.  Taking notes will prevent you from making purchases that aren’t for you.  Learning what style didn’t make you feel great and would be a waste of money.

This strategy is ideal for those who have a ton of clothing but feel like they haven’t yet hit upon a cohesive style.

4. Choose Your Style

Look through your closet and think about what you wear all the time. While your uniform might be two or three basic types of ensembles, rather than just one, having multiple versions of these go-to items will free up time in the morning. Since you won’t be spending money on different clothing trends each season, you can play around more with shoes and inexpensive jewelry.

 5. Mix and Match Classy with Casual

 You’ll get more use out of your wardrobe–which could really help if you tend to underdress, or need to class up your look on a daily basis. This could mean wearing that beautiful silk blouse to the office or wearing that structured blazer to a weekend brunch. Reimagining items in a new light will give them a new life.

6. Document Your Clothes

Maybe you have what seems like hundreds of necklaces, or maybe you’ve got a lot of T shirts or pants. Set aside whether you need so many variations on the same item and make sure you’re actually putting your collection to use!

7. For every 3 items in your closet 2 must be…

For chronically cluttered wardrobes, for every three items that stay in your closet, two must be thrown out, donated or consigned. While it might be difficult to part with so much of the clothing you’ve collected over the years, you need to examine why you’re hanging on to so many items—especially if they’re not actively in use. Once you pare down your wardrobe to the essentials, you’ll have the momentum to tackle the other important projects in your life—and look great while doing them.