No Cable For Me or Netflix Simply Explained.

family-watching-a-cartoon-tv-artistic-wallpaper-1920x1080-3414Mother’s Day 2014, I signed up for Netflix. I have not stopped since. Cable is a thing of the past for me. I have watched whole TV series, movies, documentaries, scifi, romance, mysteries, detective, kids shows, animated features, action and international programing.

Each episode can be watched consecutively, you can pause, leave and come back the next day and start watching right from where you left off. Now this is how you should be able to watch TV. No commercials blaring at you and interrupting the story line. You can watch each series and get a better feel for the story line instead of having to wait a week. Also, having worked shifts I could not catch the shows when I wanted.  I ended up with a recorder full of shows I didn’t get to watch. Having not watched much TV (husband who hogged the TV) I have pretty well caught up with the series and movies I may have missed during that time.

Three things are required to view Netflix:

1.  Netflix, subcription. Yes, there is a monthly fee depending on which type of service you want $7.99 CAD or $8.99 CAD.

2. WIFI connection (Internet service provider). Make sure you have enough data in your data plan to watch streaming videos. << link to how much data you can use depending on which picture quality you choose.

  • Low (0.3 GB per hour)
  • Medium (SD: 0.7 GB per hour)
  • High (Best video quality, up to 3 GB per hour for HD and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD)

3.  Receiver attached to your TV set (I chose the Roku box.)  You can use other boxes like Xbox 360 or Wii box. << help center to set up.  Just follow the instructions from the Roku box on the TV.   You will need to know your WIFI password and name of network. Call your ISP if you don’t know your WIFI password. You can also just watch on your computer, IPAD or laptop from the Netflix website


I have been having a field day watching what ever I want when I want. :0)  A little free advertising for Netflix.