Bohemian, Beatnik, Hippie and Boho Style

Hungarian Gypsies Early 20th Century5055629_f1024

Bohemian is the oldest term and is a french word meaning gypsy.  Originally this term was given to wanders and poor people who may have been refuges.  Today the fashion embraces older style clothing and jewelry of a more exotic nature as the trademark of a bohemian. This term came to be used for people who lead unconventional lives.



90px-Beatgirl_(3)After Bohemians was Beatnik, this group were anti conformist and had an influence on music, fashion, art, literature, and poetry. This movement started in the late forties and went right through to the mid ’60s. Beatniks were roamers and hitch-hiked around US spreading their beliefs. Socially this group expanded conscious spontaneity which changed the out-look of society.  They became a generation of free thinkers.  Not all society wanted to change but with time change was brought around both politically and socially.  This allowed society to really speak out about the world around them and politically in their countries.  Freedom of speech was the norm.


ModernBohoCrete2008Combination of Bohemian and the Beatnik created the Hippie culture. Ever changing music, fashion, poetry, politics and a mobile culture that traveled all over the world and influenced society on a global scale. Creative thinking and innovation changed fashion and music by the end of the 1960s.  It was a new age for the Post World War II baby boomers.  Innovation and technology started to change rapidly.

Matala, Crete 2008

by TapestryIII Graphics


Today we have the BoHo style of fashion and that is as it should be.  What goes around comes around. Boho Fashion is a mix of gypsy, hippie and bohemian.  This looks quite romantic and very feminine style of dress. With lots of bangles, dangly earrings, scarves, long skirts and ruffles. This embraces the last 100 years of fashion with a fresh twist with colours and fabrics.