Mother’s Day / Father’s Day Time Capsule


Time capsule before and after.  Flash drive book including pictures of the Mother and Grandmother through the generations or Father and Grandfather through the generations. Print out some old time recipes and vintage photos of clothing, household items, cars. Current day children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Any Life time momentos, ticket stubs, maps, newspaper clippings and dried flowers. Place all the items in a decorated tin, large glass jar or a pretty box and review yearly. This can then move forward with the family and be added to by each person who has it.  Keep it short and sweet so it doesn’t become a burden.  Do print some of the pictures as technology tends to change over the years.  It’s easier to retrieve older technology than newer technology. This can be duplicated so each mother/daughter/Son/Father can take it with her/him when she/he has her/his own home and can add their own memories and pass on to their family. Keep warm and safe.


Mother’s Day May 12, 2013

With Mother’s Day fast approaching it’s time to come up with some ideas.  But first I wish to pay a tribute to my own mother who is no longer here.


I know the picture says Nana and that is what she was to my children.  I do miss her every day and lots of ways.  Especially when I have a question about some distant relative or some household tip that I need know but had never thought to ask.  I also miss her on my birthday.  Mom and I were born on the same day.  It’s really is tough on that day for me.  My family have been wonderful at making sure I am kept busy.  Mom you may not be with me but you are always in my heart. Love you Mom.

Here is the link to my Mother’s Day Pintrest Board. 

Lots of ideas, fun stuff, Mom pleasing food recipes and DIY for Mom. Enjoy!