Renters Window Treatment


Being a renter can be limiting but there are always ways around adding some practical solutions and personalizing your space.

Found this beautiful shower curtain. Perfect! I wanted to do a window treatment I had seen on Pinterest.  I had two long windows in a hallway that faced a busy street.

  1. Cleaned the windows and dried them.
  2. Measured windows 3 x to make sure of size.
  3. Ironed the shower curtain and cut to size. Left a 1/4 ” around the edge
  4. Made the corn starch mixture. See below for recipe.
  5. Liberally applied corn starch mixture to window and applied material piece.
  6. Smoothed out fabric and applied cornstarch mixture again over material.
  7. Used plastic card (ie: credit card, rewards card.) to smooth out bubbles.
  8. Allowed to dry 1 day.
  9. Trimmed edges with razor


Chose a shower curtain that had a large pattern and had a nature theme. The material is translucent to let light in and is a sturdy fabric. Shower curtain cost $10 cad

2 tablespoons cornstarch with about an equal amount of cold water, then mixing that in about a cup and a half of boiling water from the kettle.

Added material right side facing in.

Applied with cornstarch mixture with a large pastry brush on the window.  Added fabric, smoothed with card, applied cornstarch mixture over top and smoothed off excess mixture with card. Used a damp cloth to clean up excess. Let fabric dry for about a day. Trimmed the edges with razor and straight edge.

Easy to remove just spray warm water over until it loosens then remove. Use hot soapy water to remove residue. The material can also be removed, cleaned and then reapplied.

Easy Peasy.

Great solution for renters.