How to Minimize your Data Usage for Cell Phone Users.


Working for a cell phone company the biggest complaint we hear regarding cell phone invoices are “How could I use so much data?” This is prevalent with youngest to oldest users.

All cell phone users should know this information.

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Steaming

These use the most data on your phone

Learn to turn off your data when not using. Do not leave apps running when you are not using them. When using Wifi be careful not to step outside the wifi area and do not leave your phone unattended when on wifi. If you step outside the wifi area while viewing something your phone will automatically search for data unless you make sure data is turned off in your settings.  You can leave your phone on to receive calls or texts but make sure your data is turned off.

When you leave Canada you are no longer using your cell phone service provider. If you make a phone call or text or use data you are using another service provider you are using an unplanned service. Therefore they will charge your Canadian Cell phone provider the usage. “Big Bucks”. Most Cell phone companies have travel packages to use while in the US or other countries. Make sure you purchase one before you leave. Be very cautions about turning your data off, as data unplanned on another provider is huge dollars $$$$$.


I have also found turning off your WIFI settings when not using WIFI saves battery power. Turn on as needed.

Also, don’t over charge your phone. If you leave it charging once it reaches 100 % it will keep trying to charge and could wear out your battery faster. Example: phone at 100 % > phone goes down to 99% > has to charge to 100% again. This is repeated over and over if you leave your phone plugged in say overnight.  Hard on the battery.

Below is some information about turning on and off your data on various phones.

Turning Mobile Data On and Off for Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge

  1. From the top of the menu, swipe down.
  2. Select the Settings icon.
  3. Select Data Usage.
  4. Next to Mobile Data, switch the status switch to turn OFF mobile data.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Next to the Mobile Data, select the status switch to turn mobile data back on.

Samsung Galaxy And Galaxy S6 Edge: How To Turn Data OFF And ON



  1. From the Home screen:
    • iPhone: Choose Settings > Cellular.
    • iPad: Choose Settings > Cellular Data.

Turn Cellular Data off. This will disable all cellular data traffic until you enable it.

If cellular data is off, all data services use Wi-Fi, including email, web browsing, push notifications, and others. If cellular data is on, carrier charges may apply. For example, using certain features and services that transfer data, such as Siri and Messages, could result in charges to your data plan.

Depending on your carrier and device model, some additional options may be available:

  • Enable LTE or 3G.
  • Turn Voice Roaming on or off (CDMA): Turn Voice Roaming off to avoid charges from using other carrier’s networks. When your carrier’s network isn’t available, iPhone won’t have cellular (data or voice) service.
  • Turn Data Roaming on or off: Data Roaming permits Internet access over a cellular data network when you’re in an area that isn’t covered by your carrier’s network. When you’re traveling, you can turn off Data Roaming to avoid roaming charges.
  • Set when cellular data is used for apps and services. Go to Settings > Cellular, then turn cellular data on or off for any app that can use cellular data. If a setting is off, iPhone will use only Wi-Fi for that service. The iTunes settings include both iTunes Match and automatic downloads from the iTunes Store and the App Store.

Adjust and view data usage

Some apps from the App Store use the Apple Push Notification service to alert you of new data. Apps that rely extensively on push notifications (such as instant messaging or social media apps) will consume cellular data. To disable push notifications, go to Settings > Notifications and set Notifications to off.

Choose Settings > Cellularto view the cellular data usage for each app. Tap to turn off cellular data for an app. Contact your carrier if you have questions about your cellular data usage.

You can set apps, such as Mail, to fetch data wirelessly at specific intervals. The more frequently your device fetches email or other data, the faster data is consumed.

  • To fetch new data manually, go to the Home screen and choose Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data. Tap to turn off Push, then tap Manually.
  • To increase the fetch interval, choose Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and tap Hourly.

Note: This is a global setting; it applies to all apps that don’t support push services.


How do I turn off data on my Android™ phone?

  • From the home screen press the Menu button
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Wireless & networks
  • Tap Mobile networks
  • Ensure Data enabled and Data roaming are unchecked


How can I reduce a data usage on my Nokia Lumia phone?

There are a few things you can do to reduce your data usage (also presented on this video (English) from Nokia Care).

Set mail download to manual: If your phone syncs mail frequently, it uses more data. You can choose how often your phone automatically syncs mail.

  1. Tap the mail account whose settings you want to change.
  2. Tap the 3 dots () at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select Settings > Sync settings.
  4. Tap Download new content, and select a time. If you don’t want your phone to sync mail automatically, select Manually.

Stop data roaming: Connecting to the internet when roaming, especially when abroad, can raise data costs substantially. Data roaming means using your phone to receive data over networks that your network service provider does not own or operate. To make sure you are not using your phone to roam, on the start screen, swipe left, tap Settings > Mobile network (cellular), and switch Data roaming options to Don’t roam.

Switch your mobile data connection off: If you want to make sure you’re not using data at all, you can switch your data connection off altogether. Tap Settings > Mobile network (cellular), and switch Data connection to Off.

Last but not least it is not your cell phone service providers fault if you do not know how to use your own cell phone. The responsibility is yours.