Old Lady Fashion

In my mind I’m only 20 but my body says different.  So many fashions have come and gone. I knew I should have hung on to some of my clothes but they wouldn’t fit me now anyways. With short, spiky, grey hair I need some colour in my wardrobe. Love, love colour.

I‘m no fashion guru but I do know good taste. I prove it to myself every time I go shopping. The most expensive outfit in the store and I’m on it. Just to be clear I never buy anything full price unless I need to. I wait for sales. I do find myself liking things with patterns but too much pattern to me is old ladyish.

Where I live it can get cool even in the summer. It can get very hot too. Also, I’m no longer working so not on the tread mill any longer. There are two seasons for clothing winter and summer. Me? I like summer best. For the tween times, fall and spring, you can transition by wearing less layers.  A given is underwear, slips and bras.

Down to Earth Fashion Advise 

  • Every woman should be ready for any occasion but there is an age at which trendy doesn’t work, so stick to what is chic and stylish.
  • Have fun with your accessories. Buy that kitchy thing but make sure you’re going to use it and it doesn’t sit and gather dust. I like kitchy earrings.
  • Longer looser tops hide that middle bulge.
  • A-line skirts hide heavy thighs, longer skirts and pants hide those knees.
  • Vertical stripes are slimming.
  • Heavy on top?  Use a plain blouse and patterned skirt.
  • Heavy on bottom? Use a plain bottom, patterned top.
  • To be really stylish wear all one colour pants/skirt and top and add a textured or different coloured jacket or sweater.
  •  Larger women the big bold patterns are flattering but stay away from tiny patterns.
  • Mix and match using colour schemes. Neutrals with your favorite colours.


Here are two lists for wardrobe choices to keep you going.

Summer Clothes

Easy and breezy

summer clothing2 pairs of shorts

2 pairs of capris

2 pairs jeans

2 pairs dress pants

5 tank tops

3 t shirts

1 summer sweater

2 big blouses to go over tank tops as needed

2 summer dresses can have skirts if preferred

2 jackets one for casual and one for good

2 pairs of sandals

2 pairs of flip flops (we use to call them thongs but that has a new meaning now)

1 pair dressy shoes

1 pair of runners

Sun hat or cap

Earrings, rings, no one wears watches any more.

Sunglasses – these are a must as they protect your eyes from damage

Depending on your life style you can increase or decrease the need for some of the outfits. I find not working I am a more casual dresser. In fact I’m wearing all the summer stuff I’ve had but never had time to wear. Yah! 

Winter Clothes

Layered and warm


3 pairs jeans

2 pairs leggings

3 sweaters

4 blouses

2 pair dress pants

2 dresses one for good, one more casual

1 skirts

2 pairs boots one tall, one short

1 lighter jacket

1 winter jacket

1 pair runners

1 pair dress shoes

7 pairs socks can’t go around with cold feet.

If needed 2 pairs gloves, 2 hats, 2 scarves and warm pajamas.

Again depending on your lifestyle you can add that ski outfit or revert back to summer as needed for travel. I have a trunk I keep my winter clothes in and switch out, usually around October, to winter.



To help uplift your colour use brighter makeup, when the occasion arises. Here is a web site with some great tips for makeup over 60.

Take a trip over to Senior Planet. http://seniorplanet.org/makeup-for-older-women-the-best-online-video-tutorials/



I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for stopping by.